Volunteers Judith Bowen, Catherine Rakow, and Andrea Schara help with early work on the Williamsburg Collection. Photo by Pat Comella.

The importance of volunteers to The Murray Bowen Archives Project cannot be overestimated. Volunteer help is the only way we can make Murray Bowen's archives accessible to the world.

Here is an overview of the many things that have happened through the work of volunteers:

In the future, volunteers will be asked to do additional tasks online, including entering data about scanned documents in the collection, and producing searchable, digital copies of scanned documents by typing text using a word processor.

In December 2014, Carol Jeunnette joined The Murray Bowen Archives Project as its executive director. She is the Project's only, half-time, staff member, and we remain a volunteer organization.

While it would be daunting to list all the volunteers, their contributions are vital to opening Dr. Bowen's archives to the world. Thank you!