Project Areas

The National Library of Medicine

Paper Collection

Dr. Bowen’s professional papers, audio recordings and video recordings are housed in the History of Medicine Division of The National Library of Medicine, in Bethesda, MD. Broad access to the paper collection remains limited at this time. Until the collection has been processed, it is open only upon application to researchers. See NLM for more information.

Audio-Visual Collection

The NLM houses an extensive collection of audio and video recordings. The Murray Bowen Archives Project is reviewing the inventory of materials to determine the work and cost involved in stabilizing and restoring the recordings. We are also selecting particular recordings to be posted on this website.

The Williamsburg Collection

The Williamsburg Collection contains documents from the Bowen home. These include materials from college, medical school and psychiatric training at The Menninger Foundation, and “Dear Family” letters written over the years. Joanne Bowen is taking the lead on preparing this collection to be moved to NLM.

The Oral History Project

More than 50 individuals who knew and worked with Dr. Bowen have participated in the Oral History Project, led by Andrea Schara Maloney. These interviews have been recorded, and are being transcribed. Listen to and read the interviews that have already been posted (Link).

Research and Dissemination

Books and Dissertations

Several publications and research works have been based on archival material. The Archives Project has helped underwrite two books—The Origins of Family Psychotherapy: The NIMH Family Study Project (2013), edited by John Butler, and Terapia Familiar en la Prática Clínica (2016), a Spanish translation of Dr. Bowen’s own 1978 book. Clarence Boyd’s book of Dr. Bowen’s letters, which he self-published in 2008, is being serialized in an electronic version on this website. (Link)

The New Website

This ongoing project presents Dr. Bowen and his work. New materials will be added regularly—including excerpts of his writings, Oral History Interviews and videos of Dr. Bowen. Sections of Clarence Boyd’s book, Commitment to Principles, will be added regularly.