Oral History Interviews

Recorder used by Dr. Bowen.

Traces of the development of Bowen theory are scattered throughout Dr. Bowen’s formal and informal writings: in personal and professional letters, in early drafts of papers, in clinical and informal notes, in doodled drawings and presentations. This documentation, from Dr. Bowen’s own hands and in his own words, is invaluable to deeper understanding of the theory and its development, as well as to its future evolution.

Beyond this documentation are additional sources of learning and understanding: people with whom Dr. Bowen worked during the years he was developing and advancing his theory. The goal of the Oral History Interviews, led by Andrea Schara, is to collect information on how Dr. Bowen influenced and interacted with others, ways in which he explicated his theoretical ideas in everyday life, and ways in which people extended theoretical research into their own families and lives. You are invited to read and/or listen as interviewees tell their stories and share their thinking.

Check back each month for a new Oral History Interview.