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Oral History Interview

Lilian Rosenbaum, LCSW-C, PhD

Interview with Priscilla Friesen, Saturday, April 14, 2013

About Dr. Rosenbaum

Dr. Lilian Rosenbaum has over a fifty-year history of integrating Bowen theory with biofeedback. Her relationship with Dr. Bowen motivated her to found the biofeedback program at the Georgetown School of Medicine—the first of its kind in the D.C. area, and perhaps nationally. Her integration of biofeedback with Bowen theory created a different outcome—a stronger application—in approaching biofeedback’s use. Dr. Rosenbaum is Clinical Associate Professor, from 1970 to the present, at Georgetown University Medical School. Since 1968, she has maintained a practice as a family systems psychotherapist. This interview documents her journey and accomplishments in the field of biofeedback, changes in thinking and integrating it with Bowen theory.

Photo courtesy of Tufts University.

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