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Oral History Interview

Priscilla Friesen

Interview with Andrea Schara, Friday, April 25, 2014

About Ms. Friesen

Priscilla Friesen was introduced to Bowen theory during graduate school at University of Kansas in 1976. She moved to DC in 1978 to learn more. This began her long-term association with the Georgetown Family Center/Bowen Center, first as a temporary clerical staff and then soon after, assisting Dr. Lilian Rosenbaum with the Biofeedback Programs. She has been on the faculty there since 1986, directing the Postgraduate program. She has presented on physiology and relationships and has incorporated neurofeedback into methodologies of differentiation of self. Currently, Priscilla serves as Vice President of The Murray Bowen Archives Project, in which she has been involved since before Dr. Bowen’s death in 1990.

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