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Oral History Interview

Selden Illick

Interview with Andrea Schara, Thursday, June 12, 2014

Founder of the Princeton Family Center, Selden Illick talks in this interview of her introduction to Dr. Bowen's thought through his "Anonymous" paper, and her introduction to Dr. Bowen himself at a family therapy meeting in 1981. Ms. Illick’s central interest in Bowen theory is its application. How do people use the theory in their everyday life? Ms. Illick reflects on how knowing and interacting with Dr. Bowen changed her own life and her own family relationships.

About Ms. Illick

Selden Dunbar Illick, LCSW has studied and applied Bowen family systems theory to her life for over thirty years. She is the Founder of the Princeton Family Center for Education, Incorporated, 1990. She continues her clinical work as a Bowen family systems consultant in New Jersey and Florida.

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