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Oral History Interview

Florence Kamm, Ph.D.

Interview with Andrea Schara, Monday, June 18, 2012

In an interview that shows how humor helped Dr. Kamm navigate her relationship with Dr. Bowen, she discusses the use of the ideas in Bowen theory in both her personal and professional life.

About Dr. Kamm

When Dr. Kamm and her husband and children moved from New York to Silver Spring, MD, she began fulltime work. In 1967, she was employed as Nursing Instructor in a psychiatric Maryland State Hospital, teaching Practical Nurses preparing for State Registered License. The hospital was an easy commute from her home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Having heard about the work of Dr. Murray Bowen at Georgetown University in Washington, DC she attended one of his seminars on family theory and therapy. Dr. Kamm notes that "attending these seminars each month was one of the highlights of my life." In 1970, she began the Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Therapy. She considered it "an opportunity of a lifetime to study and apply Dr. Bowen's principles to my every-day life."

Dr. Kamm's earned a Master of Arts Nursing degree with an interest in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. After joining the faculty in 1981 at the then Georgetown Family Center she continued on to earn her PhD.

From 1990 to 2015, Dr. Kamm was Clinical Director of Crossway Community in Kensington, MD, until, at age 90, she retired from full-time employment. She continues a relationship there by being available for consultation as needed and she welcomes on going contact.

This learning experience of several decades has had, and continues to have a profound influence in Dr. Kamm's personal and professional life. "What great good fortune to have studied with this wise and original thinker!"

Courtesy of Florence Kamm.

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