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Oral History Interview

Rev. Randall Frost and Dr. Bob Noone

Interview with Andrea Schara, Friday June 15, 2012

This interview consists of a conversation with two individuals: Reverend Randall Frost and Dr. Robert Noone.

About Rev. Frost

Rev. Randall Frost has been Executive Director and Director of Training and Research at Living Systems since 1991. Living Systems is a pastoral counseling center in Vancouver, British Columbia that uses Bowen theory as its primary approach to counseling, training, education and research. Rev. Frost first personally encountered Dr. Bowen in the in-town postgraduate program in 1975 following graduation from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

About Dr. Noone

Dr. Noone recalls "Though I first heard Dr. Bowen present in 1969 at the state hospital I was working at, I didn't pursue knowledge of Bowen theory until 1975 when I entered the postgraduate program at Georgetown. I engaged him as a coach in 1984 and continued to meet and correspond with him until his death in 1990. It became clear to me in the mid-70s that becoming grounded in the life sciences would be vital; that the development of theory was central to science and that the sciences were central to thinking more broadly about theory. Though there is much more I would have wished to include in the interview (I was catching a flight back to Chicago), it did capture three important elements of my relationship with Dr. Bowen: 1) the value of theory in my effort to know my family and improve my functioning; 2) Dr. Bowen's remarkable level of systems thinking; and 3) the value of gaining some grounding in evolutionary biology.

Courtesy of Randall Frost.

Courtesy of Bob Noone.

Transcript (first half of combined interview, full text, 148 kb)   

Transcript (second half of combined interview, full text, 279 kb)