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The Archives Project

History of the Archives

The effort to archive Dr. Bowen’s work dates back to 1984—long before his death in 1990—when a collection of recordings of early clinical interviews was moved to the National Library of Medicine. Read about the progress made since then and the work still to be done.

Project Areas

There are multiple aspects to this project, from the collections at The National Library of Medicine and in Williamsburg, to Oral History Interviews, to plans to promote and support scholarship using the archives, to the continuing work on this website. Learn more.


The Murray Bowen Archives Project is an effort staffed primarily by volunteers. Check out the many tasks that have been done throughout the history of this project.


Please meet the leaders of The Murray Bowen Archives Project - the Board of Directors.

Oral History Interviews

Interviews of people who worked with Dr. Bowen provide unique insights into Dr. Bowen’s thinking and relationships. Listen to and/or read these interviews. Check back often for new postings.

Project Updates

Keep up to date with the work of The Murray Bowen Archives Project.