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About Murray Bowen M.D.

Murray Bowen in His Time and Place

Dr. Bowen's life-journey began in Waverly, a small town in Tennessee, wound through the University of Tennessee, World War II Europe, the Menninger Foundation in Kansas, and then to Washington D.C. Explore his journey through this interactive timeline.

The Book of Murray Bowen

Enjoy this biographical sketch of Dr. Murray Bowen. Compiled by the chairperson of our web team, Jean Harrison, this story draws on excerpts from his letters and writings, as well as photographs from each period of his life.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Bowen’s final curriculum vitae, written shortly before his death in 1990, offers a concise overview of his life and work. Note that Dr. Bowen includes three generations of family background near the top of his listed categories of information.


Published tributes to Murray Bowen, M.D.

About Bowen Theory

Bowen theory views human behavior through a systems lens and sees the individual as part of the emotional system of the family. More than a quarter century after his death, Dr. Bowen's theory holds great relevance in all fields of human endeavor.