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The Murray Bowen Archives

The Murray Bowen Archives is currently housed in two locations: The National Library of Medicine (NLM) in Bethesda, MD, and Williamsburg, VA. The collection includes more than 200 boxes of audio visual recordings, presentations, formal and informal correspondence, drafts of papers, and other materials. The unpublished works reveal Dr. Bowen’s more informal voice and his thinking as he developed his theory.

A Visual Tour of the Archives

Take a tour of the Murray Bowen Archives Project and view the variety of documents, images, audio files, and videos in this rich archive.

The Archives by Topic

Dr. Bowen’s systems theory of human behavior describes variables of anxiety and differentiation, and their impact on human functioning. Explore his thinking about specific topics, including family history, relationships, societal anxiety/regression and death. Check back for new topics.

Explore the Archives Collections

Explore various parts of the Archives Collections, including Dr. Bowen's videos and Dr. Bowen's published papers. More content and categories will be added during the project.