A number of scholarly works have drawn on the materials archived at the National Library of Medicine. These include books, dissertations, and articles.


Bowen, Murray, M.D., and Jack Butler, editors (2013). The Origins of Family Psychotherapy: The NIMH Family Study Project New York: Jason Aronson.

The Murray Bowen Archives Project is proud to have assisted in the compiling and publication of many of the original papers from Dr. Bowen's NIMH project. Dr. Butler has graciously donated all royalties from the volume to The Murray Bowen Archives Project.

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Boyd, Clarence (2008). Commitment to Principles: The Letters of Murray Bowen, M.D. Self-published).

Drawing from materials in the first 14 boxes delivered to NLM, Clarence Boyd chose letters of Dr. Bowen that reflected his clarity of principles. Mr. Boyd has graciously allowed The Murray Bowen Archives Project to publish his book online, section by section. Check back often for new installments.

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Bowen, Murray, M.D. (2016). La Terapia Familiar en la Practica Clinica. Spanish Edition. Bowen Center for the Study of the Family/Georgetown Family Center.

The Murray Bowen Archives Project is pleased to support the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in its publication of Family Therapy in Clinical Practice in Spanish. The forward was written by Joanne Bowen.

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Baege, Monika (2005). Family Process Influences on the Resilient Responses of Youth, Ed.D. dissertation, University of Vermont.

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Weinstein, Deborah F. (2013). The Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy. Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University.

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This is a partial bibliography of articles and chapters that have drawn on the L. Murray Bowen Collection at NLM. If you are aware of others, please contact us with that information.

In the years since his death, several of Dr. Bowen’s unpublished papers, part of his archives, have been published in the Family Systems Journal.

Bowen, Murray M.D. (1995). Clinical View of the Family. Family Systems Journal 2(2): 153-156.

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